Avengers Assemble!

    Thank you Bro. Sohoque a.k.a Hawk a.k.a Isaac a.k.a Bishop (ask him why :D) for the invitation.  I will try my best to contribute as much as I can in between my study schedule.  Anyhow, let this be my first and let me start with a question… When was the last time you feel like you are one of the characters of a movie the moment you step out of the movie theater? I have not felt such a feeling for a very long long long time…(age could be a factor *sigh*) and that was exactly what I felt after watching Marvel’s The Avengers.

    Being an avid fan and collector of comic books, I have never been entirely happy with movie adaptations of superheroes…not until now. While I understand that it’s very difficult to translate a comic book to a live action movie (people will be talking about how the colors work differently, story is too geeky/goofy/nerdy, non-fan will not understand bla, bla, bla, bla….), it never fails to ‘amaze’ me that producers would hire a non-fan to direct a superhero movie. Most of the time, the result would be absolutely terrible or just a so-so production. How can you do justice to a superhero movie when you have no idea whatsoever of the original source? (A crash course reading of the materials a month or two before shooting just doesn’t do it my friend).

    Well, enough of my gripes, let’s talk The Avengers! Man o man o man o man!! I’m still giddy with the excitement (even after my second viewing! Yes, watched it twice already). Don’t worry, I’m not going to post any spoilers, seriously, I won’t spoil this one for you.  You have to go and see this for yourself, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for one helluva ride.  What I can say is, this IS a comic book movie, to me it’s not an adaptation, it’s not a movie based on comic books. It is a comic book brought to live before your very eyes.  Mind you, I had my reservations about another movie featuring a bunch of superheroes, as I was deeply frustrated of how they butchered the X-Men in the movies. Some people still talk about how Brian Singer revolutionized the superhero genre with his X-Men but hey, those are not the X-Men I grew up reading (I will not go into details now but they are my most favorite of all and yes I am a fanboy, proud of it.  Sorry Brian, those leather outfits just don’t do it for me).

    Among other things, the Avengers just proved that you don’t have to go all leather to make a freaking wonderful movie about superheroes.  By all means, keep the colors…it’s a comic book after all.  It’s the plot, the storyline, the script, the characters that matter (Spiderman 3 could’ve been great and yet…).  I always wonder why some directors think that by changing the story here and there will make for a better superhero movie?  Don’t they know that those comic books have been sold for millions of copies? (I’m sure they do).  Doesn’t that say something about how good the original story is? But nooooo….they just had to go and change it (the original source is too long, won’t fit in two hours, not realistic enough…yadda yadda yadda… and please, don’t get me started on Michael Bay).

    This is where Marvel Studio has taken in a gamble that has never been done before in the movie world.  They spread the story to several movies before bringing them all together in the Avengers.  Despite some hit and miss from Marvel’s movies prior to the Avengers, they all come together marvelously (pun intended :D).  As I said, I had my reservations…from the comics I am more of the Justice League’s fan rather than the Avengers and I’ve been waiting for DC to come out with this kind of Justice League movie first but now Marvel has beat them to it (given the reactions to the Avengers, it will be a hard time for DC to play catch up with Marvel now, Warner Bros execs: please take note).

    The Avengers is just a sight to behold and it is not just eye-candy.  From the set pieces, the effects, the costumes to the scripts, the dialogue, and the characters…they are just a well-mixed mixture, the glue to all of Marvel’s movies leading to this.  It managed to throw away all of the reservations that I have out of the window and who would expect a comic book movie that carries a serious tone to it can be funny at the same time? Thanks to Joss Whedon who is not only a director but a comic writer as well. He’s a fan, a geek and this man sure knows his stuff.  The Avengers will leave you wanting for more and by the sneak peek shown to us after the end credits (yes, please stay until the credits end), the story is getting bigger and deeper and I just cant wait till the next time we see the Avengers assemble.

    That’s enough for now I’d say and, as I promised, no spoilers.  I just hope that this is an enough bait to lure you readers to go and enjoy yourselves watching the movie. While I’m not saying that the Avengers is a 100% perfect movie (technically speaking), it is just a 100% pure comic book, superheroes movie…’nuff said (Stan Lee, you still the man).

    P.S. Please give Thor his helmet back…

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