Why Living in an Apartment Is Not Bad At All


Whenever we go hunting for a new place, things like location, our current financial situation, security, access to social amenities, proximity to our school or workplace, etc., usually inform our choices. One thing that very few people know however, is that most apartments are designed to provide all these features and many more.

If you are currently planning to move and haven’t decided where to go yet, here are 9 reasons to show you why staying in a Penang apartment would be the best bet for you.

1. You get to cut down on costs. There are not many expenses associated with staying in an apartment. A small floor plan means that you will spend less on things like cooling and heating whenever the weather changes. The money you save from these services will eventually allow you to improve other areas of your life.

From the money you save here, you will be able to afford better clothes, a better education, a better health plan, and generally a better quality of life. An apartment will also allow you to set aside more money for a rainy day. This is the first step towards a strong foundation for a stable financial future.

2. It’s no doubt that one will have to pay for property related taxes like Property Assessment Tax (Cukai Pintu) and Quit Rent (Cukai Tanah). However, for folks staying in high rises will have a lower Quit Rent compared to landed properties when they are of larger area. Also, the Quit Rent will be lower too if compared to Serviced Residence when the tax is calculated as commercial. Whatever you are obligated to pay, some of the taxes will be minimal since it is shared equally amongst all the other tenants.

3. Apartments are naturally cozy and easy to tidy up.A small floorplan means that all your furniture and fittings will fit snuggly into your apartment to give it that warm relaxing feeling. The relatively small space will also make cleaning up very easy. A few minutes of tidying up and a single spray of air freshener will be all you need to liven the place once again. This is especially convenient if you live alone and are expecting visitors.

4. You don’t have to spend much on maintenance.By design, all the maintenance expenses in an apartment are relatively low. The owner of the building is usually responsible for all the major maintenance work in the apartment. This eventually allows you to save more money while avoiding the hustle of hiring maintenance crews. Of course, you do have to pay a bare minimum property management fees to keep the place running.

5. You get to enjoy extra amenities.Some apartments offer amenities that you wouldn’t easily have access to if you lived in any other home. Nowadays there are apartment complexes that offer a number of enviable benefits such as fully equipped gyms, swimming pools, communal gardens, rooftop hangouts, terraces, etc. Some of these complexes also include convenience stores and supermarkets in the ground floors to make it even more convenient for you whenever you run out of milk or just need to do some quick shopping. Almost all apartments nowadays are designed with secure parking, laundry facilities, among other things.

Homeowners can also have a number of these amenities built into their homes, but the cost will be enormous. Staying in an apartment gives you all these at a fraction of the bill, and as mentioned earlier you are not required to pay anything extra in case any of them need any maintenance work done.

6. Shared safety and security systems. Most apartment complexes can afford to install the best safety and home security systems along with security guards because the cost is shared amongst all the residents. Although homeowners may also invest in good security systems, the close proximity of the neighbors in apartment buildings combined with typical apartment safety measures make apartments the safest places for families, single parents, students and the elderly to live. However, even with all that, one will still have to follow certain measures to make apartment living more secure.

7. Managing your security in an apartment is relatively easy.It is understood that your personal security is one of the most important things to you. An apartment allows you to easily determine who else is in the apartment at all times. With just a quick glance around, you get that calm feeling that you are safe. This would be especially comforting during those days when you feel a bit jumpy.

It is impossible not to notice anyone else in the apartment if the apartment is just a single room. This will also give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on other things.

8. It helps keep your social life active. Staying in an apartment offers you the possibility of meeting many people and even creating lifelong relationships. The close proximity that you share with your neighbors during your stay allows you to connect with them and interact in a way that wouldn’t be possible if you lived in a regular house.

Although suburban and rural areas may have a sense of community, the close proximity of apartments to one another makes it easy even for the busiest people to find some time and chat with their neighbors.

In conclusion, an apartment would be the best choice for anyone who wants to find a place to call home without having to spend a small fortune. Living in one gives you better control over your home and it helps you manage your life with a lot of ease.

All the financial and social advantages make them excellent for anyone who wants to build a foundation for a strong financial future.



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